GOLDEN HEART RANCH is a 501(c) 3 non-profit that works toward the establishment of an exceptional, fulfilling and holistic lifestyle community for teens and young adults with disabilities. We are a pioneer organization comprised of parents, professionals, and activists on a crusade against the notion that young adults with disabilities must either remain at home or enter unfulfilling group homes.
Currently there are crisis-level shortages of acceptable housing for young adults with disabilities.  What housing exists is often inadequate and offers little quality of life. At the beginning of 2015, Golden Heart Ranch proudly announced the acquisition of 22 acres of land in Agoura Hills, bringing us one step closer to our vision of creating lifelong homes to serve the special needs community. 

The Golden Heart Ranch Social Living Club is thriving, providing Life Skills and Social Skills through our year-round Ranch Days, Seasonal Camps, Community Days, Pizza and Bowling Nights, Supper Club, and our very popular Camp Coyote Ridge. 

Camp Coyote Ridge began with a 24-hour sleepover at Golden Heart Ranch in the beautifully renovated Big Oak Cabin. It was quickly realized that this popular camp needed to grow to a 2-night overnight. And it has been very successful! Camp Coyote Ridge provides Ranchers opportunities to grow and explore more independently in a fun camp setting with friends. Equally, if not more importantly, Camp Coyote Ridge provides parents/caregivers with a respite time. And parents feel so great knowing that their adult is having fun, taking their medications, and growing as an adult, all while the parents get time for their own self-care. In the last year we have also begun to offer Camp Coyote Ridge during the week - Monday morning through Thursday afternoon.

Housing - we are in the next phase - Planning! Your donations will help to build 4 beautiful homes that will provide long-term age-in-place housing for many Ranchers. Our young adults will live at Golden Heart Ranch in a supported, loving community where autonomy and choice will be celebrated!
Your support directly flows into these wonderful programs for our teens and adults with disabilities. 
Golden Heart Ranch's Under The Tuscan Sun, our most important annual fundraiser, will be held on Saturday, June 3rd, 2023. We will be celebrating Golden Heart Ranch under beautiful evening lights with live music by ***, dancing, a fabulous dinner, local libations (Bar and wine tasting included!), mouth watering desserts, and of course our very popular Silent Auction! Last year we raised over $150,000—and we are counting on our community partners for another successful year.
We urge you to help Golden Heart Ranch build a future worthy of our teens and young adults with disabilties. Thank you for stepping up to the plate for our family members who are unable to fight for themselves. Donations to Golden Heart Ranch are tax-deductible and support one of our nation’s most forgotten and underserved minority population.
Thank you for standing with our special needs community,
Rose van Wier Hein
Executive Director 
Tax ID# 26-3131470